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of friendship and lyrics

I usually get weird (emotional, crazy, impulsive, unpredictable and whatnot) after undergoing some sort of a difficulty, be it about work, health, or just plain old life happening. Therefore, I was not surprised to find myself in such a state since yesterday. So here is the craziness resulting to more craziness. Sometimes you just gotta burn through words to keep it together. As it is, I was mentally beat after that intense and mind-numbing job that I did over the past three weeks. And so to unwind, I decided to crash and do nothing that needs too much brain energy, so I thought I'd settle in and bring a semblance of order to my files and email accounts. As I dug through hundreds after hundreds of spam and thousands of social notifications, product promotions and whatnot, I came across this short poetry that someone wrote to me some years ago.  I don't want to be presumptuous and say that it was written about me personally but I was told that I somehow inspired this person …

Of money lenders and being overweight

First, Welcome Back, self! I haven't been here for so long. I haven't been anywhere, if you must know, other than at my Facebook wall. Needless to say, I miss blogging.  I got lazy, to be honest. A laziness that was all encompassing that it became a lifestyle for a whole year or so.

What prompted me to dig up my username and reset my password so that I could log on in here again? Well, a socially-motivated observation.  I was in a micro-lending office this morning where people from all walks of life were trying to get their hands on a few dimes to make ends meet for their families. Okay, probably not from all walks of life, just from my "chosen" kind of life.  I had a little emergency this week so I heeded my little sister's advice and went to a lender.

I could not help but notice the condescension being thrown at people's faces around that table this morning.  The tone of voice, the expression on the faces of the lenders, the upward tilt of their chins, it w…