of friendship and lyrics

I usually get weird (emotional, crazy, impulsive, unpredictable and whatnot) after undergoing some sort of a difficulty, be it about work, health, or just plain old life happening. Therefore, I was not surprised to find myself in such a state since yesterday. So here is the craziness resulting to more craziness. Sometimes you just gotta burn through words to keep it together. As it is, I was mentally beat after that intense and mind-numbing job that I did over the past three weeks. And so to unwind, I decided to crash and do nothing that needs too much brain energy, so I thought I'd settle in and bring a semblance of order to my files and email accounts. As I dug through hundreds after hundreds of spam and thousands of social notifications, product promotions and whatnot, I came across this short poetry that someone wrote to me some years ago.  I don't want to be presumptuous and say that it was written about me personally but I was told that I somehow inspired this person to say these things. 

You came from humble beginnings
Spent your youth freely out in the fields
Yet your beauty is not ordinary
Your mind is so deep like the sea
Your voice is so gentle like a breeze
Your vision is so clear
Your pen is powerful
Your heart is so pure
You are wise like a princess
Your love is so true
Your commitment is forever
Your faith is so strong
and your work is for generations
You are an inspiration to those who are watching you
You are a blessed child of God, and
I will always love you, forever and ever
and ask the Heavens for more success and blessings for you.

I myself have never really been an expressive person, verbally that is. And admittedly, I seldom tell anyone, past or present, friends, loves, family, siblings, and parents how much I love and appreciate their presence in my life.  But it is such a heart-stirring moment for any one of us when we take the time, through verbal or written means, to express our love to those who've always been there for us.  So I am so heartened to have been able to find and read these sweet thoughts again; not just as a reminder to myself that even to other people, it is obvious and not too incomprehensible that I have been called to do a job, which although sometimes thankless and impossibly difficult, yet of great import nonetheless in terms of eternity, but also, and most importantly to be reminded that I am (or had been) loved sincerely and completely. 

So go and tell that friend, that loved one, those people who made a difference in your life, who loved and loves you, how your life is infused with beauty, hope, faith, and love--all things that give your life colour, because of who they have or had been to you.

It warms my heart knowing that although things happened and our lives went on to journey through different roads, our paths crossed again and we found out that there still is a bond born out of mutual respect and wholeheartedly cherished memories that binds us together in a friendship that is worth keeping.


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