Being a Professional Faultfinder

I think that being a "professional faultfinder" (specifically a translator and a translation checker here, and possibly in the ASD spectrum) is disadvantageous to relationships. :-) Having been trained in the science and art of translation and translation checking where the key is to communicate an intended meaning in the most accurate, natural and clearest way possible, my tendency is to try to understand the meaning of a communication completely and exhaustively as possible. I think that this is the reason why a lot of times, I find myself finding implied information in people's statements which later on they would claim that they did not mean to imply; but to all my senses, the implications are too obvious one could not mistake them for anything else. At other times, in my effort to become very clear in my communication, hopefully to have no room for misinterpretation, people find my conversations too specific, too detailed and therefore cumbersome because it is t

PAST Insanities

One habit I have when the clock strikes midnight is to make sure my glass slippers don't fall off my feet as I run to the... hahaha!!! Seriously, what I do is that I look at my Facebook posts memories and see what was up with me all these past years.  Lately I have been seeing lots of angsty poetry both in English and Kalanguya.  It is a bit encouraging for me to look back and realize that I am in a better place now in terms of my health, biopsycho-spiritually, I mean, if my writings from years ago were to bear witness about my "now and then."  Here is one that I lifted from today's memories.   One angstsy Friday... (a repost from years ago) In my moments of stupidity… sometimes, I wish I never knew You so that I can just hate people who make life unbearable.  When I hurt, I wish I never knew You so that I can just wallow in my pain  and not acknowledge the fact  that You’ve suffered worse pain than this so that I can be freed from everything including my stupidity...


I have a few more reading assignments with deadlines that have come and gone and yet I still could not get myself to a point where I have the least bit of inclination to read and then write something about what I have read.  So what I have been doing was procrastinate by doing other less demanding (well, that depends on one's favourite thing to do) tasks in terms of brain energy usage; i.e. checking a written and an audio translation of books from an OT and a NT projects in the country and researching and writing Bible Study materials for adult Sunday School, teaching online seminars a few days a month.  Yet even then, I am barely accomplishing what I have set out to do this year.  Anyhow, things are getting done at a slug-pace but I guess I should thank my lucky stars (not that I believe in things like that) for the fact that my conscience still does a number on me every time I get into my most depressed, most sloth(y) season in life, which forces me to work for my daily bread, so


No longer am I scared of the darkness The midnight blackness that you see when you look in my eyes Are just shadows left by years of sleepless nights And the ghosts of my past that used to haunt all of my waking moments. But now, I don't have to linger and play hide and seek with my demons Because you've kissed away my pain, healed my wounds, until Nothing is left, not even indiscernible scars on what had been my wounded soul I've shed all the tears I can cry; now, my eyes are dry. In these pages, I've poured out all my heartaches Written them all down in blood between these lines Bravely, I have fought my battles, and it's true, I did lose some But my goodness, you are my witness that I have won the war. I am here with you, after all, alive and real, red ink is zinging in my veins All set to write new stories, or even rewrite old ones if I get the chance To create new memories, or reminisce about the good old times, With you and our lives that the Heavens chose to


I grew up in the villages of Nansiakan and Mapayao Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines at a time when everyone treated each other like Family; everyone's mom was called auntie even if they were no relation. 👫 We were never carried in strollers but we had a better ride in the form of our mother's or grandmother's "kayabang" (basket carried on the back with an "oyon"). Our playground was the rice field, following along behind the water buffalo as our dad plough the field. As early as 7 years old, we were responsible little persons that our parents trusted us to take care of our baby brothers and sisters when they were gone for a whole day working in the farm a considerable distance away, and they knew we would make fire, boil rice and feed the baby with the rice-water or cooked porridge if our sibling is a toddler or take our baby sibling to the neighbour for breastmilk if the baby gets hungry before our mom gets home. At 10 years old, we were expected to


Not to sound cynical or arrogant, I've come face to face with death a few times already.  What happened last Tuesday was nothing new.  Given, it was the first time I almost had a heart attack because of a heart disease, but it was not the first time my heart would have stopped.  I am trying to reflect on what I might learn from the experience but my head is still too achy I cannot think at all with clarity. So this is going to be nothing but a nonsensical rambling.  I wasn't feeling too good at all even the previous day.  That morning, I almost wrote my team that we won't meet that day because I was not feeling myself but we have wasted one too many days already because of the typhoons that caused power outages and internet disconnections. So I sent out a message that we will have a checking session that day.  And we did, and because my mentee was new, I did most of the talking.  At a few minutes after 5, I said goodbye to the BT team, closed my laptop and went out to find


Who's got the perfect timing?  No one else of course but the one who created time.  I have been waiting to come home for the longest time and have been patiently waiting and waiting, but I have also set myself to a time frame of maybe first or second week of August, just to keep my mind from more disappointments; but lo and behold, when I least expected it, I received an email from the airline, saying that they have cancelled my August 2 flights but that they can rebook me to July 27th which was just a few hours away from when I received the message.  I had the other option of waiting until August 13th.  Of course I chose the one that was just 6 hours away.  So I told everyone that needs to be informed that I finally had a flight, then secured myself a transport to the airport, and started packing up my belongings. Most of my things have already been packed up in May but because of the many cancellations, and the fact that I had to still go to class, I have been slowly unpacking my