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The Four Candles

I think this is beautiful! Check it out!


Mapayao, N.V., Aug. 12, 2006 - Some three weeks ago, a lady came to the Kalanguya Scriptures Society/CFM (Christian Fellowship Services Center Ministries) office. She stayed for a few hours and while we were sipping our native arabica coffee, she told us a few of the problems that their church is encoutering. One of these is a very notable absence of younger people in the church. There is basically no youth group in their church in spite of the fact that there are so many young people in the village. The lady went home with a promise from us that we will see what we can do as a team.
Yesterday, we asked our mayor to send a truck to transport the CFM residents to Mapayao Village where we will start reaching out to the young people through sports. Above are our boys Romeo, Onil, Jefferson and Johnson having the day of their lives atop the dump truck.

At the village plaza, the CFMites lead by Pastor Bong and Kuya Ariel organized teams with a mixture of CFMites and the villagers to play bas…