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Two weeks ago, some Kalanguya young people and a few not so young people were invited to a nearby place to give a cultural presentation. This cultural presentation involved a mixture of tribal dances, rituals and songs. A few months earlier, the same has been performed before audience of the same sort. :) This audience of months before testified that they were blessed and encouraged. They urged the performers to continue worshiping God and making His love known through such presentations.

This second time, there was a bit of a controversy because some of the people in the audience did not understand what the presentation was all about. They sort of accused (probably too strong a word to use here but I can't think of any) the Kalanguya performers to have called on evil spirits in their midst (which of course was a very big insult to the Kalanguya believers). But even then, this accusation made the performers ask themselves what they did wrong or uncultural or unclear. They f…

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Southern Subanen MTTs IN ACTION!


In my past entries, I have asked all of you to pray for the Southern Subanen Mother Tongue Translators' Workshop that Bong and I were planning to conduct in Zamboanga Sibugay. Praise and Glory be to God for His faithfulness in answering your prayers, and our gratitude to you also who prayed for this ministry.
Pastor Lumawan (Bong's dad) invited 20 pastors and laymen/women to attend the workshop (and I went like WHAT??? 20 TRANSLATORS FOR ONE LANGUAGE???) so I prayed for lesser... (hehehe) Only 11 participants came during the first day but on the second day, there were only 5. The participants represent 3 provinces of Mindanao (Misamis Occidental, Zamboanga del Sur, Zamboanga Sibugay), all Southern Subanen native speakers.Their motivation is very high so we are considering doing another workshop this year.It will take a lot of my time away from Kalanguya (not to mention Agta/Ayta workshop) but it is very inspiring to teach this people. :)Bong and I will try to get NPMTTA (and …