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Wow, my head is so clear today! What with six hours of sleep... (that's an accomplishment for me! Gold Medal, anybody!!?)
This past days has been all wet wet wet wet! What with the unceremonious arrival of our buddies, Milenyo and Paeng! As always when there is a storm, we at CFM get the creeps.
Two years ago, people had been sleeping soundly while the 12okmph winds blow their roofs away and floodwaters steal their lands bit by bit and even took the lives of their neighbors. People woke up and when they put their feet on the floor, the water (or rather the mud) was knee-deep, to their surprise. They were so shocked to see mudfishes wriggling in their floody-muddy bedroom floor that they didn't have the presence of mind to save some of their belongings. Televisions sitting atop chest of drawers toppled down to the flooded floor because the drawers floated. There are other irrecoverable damages. Thankfully, all I Iost were my 10k wedding dress, my journals and my lette…