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Agta/Ayta & Friends MTT Training

Last week, I went up to the village to 'help' celebrate my niece's fifth birthday. Of course the guests were her classmates in kindergarten class and so the house was full of cutee four and five-year olds. I actually went up to Mapayao village to try to finish a translation task that I have been procrastinating on for these last few months. It was a commentary on 1Corinthians. I gave myself up to September to finish it but September came and went yet I still had two chapters to do, so I went to the mountains in hopes that I would be able to find some motivation when I am face to face with the 'boss.' (Hehe) Well, it worked. I finished the whole book and even got it checked by the end of two days. So it's all good! PTL! I couldn't have moved on with the next if I still have that job (Of course, it wasn't a job I had to do. It was a book I've loved studying and writing about!) weighing on my mind.

That was because, this week, I needed to be somewhere e…