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In Case (and I Thought) You Want To Know

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I am: sleepy... hehe
I think: I'm losing my edge... maybe my mind too :)
I know: that God's love in everyone's heart is the only thing that can make this world right.
I have: a dream, to write a bestseller... (a bestseller in my tribe)
I wish: I'm home with my lovey...
I hate: strange men seatmates on a bus seat who are inconsiderate of your discomfort.
I miss: my lovey...
I fear: sugar and acne
I hear: the neighbor's puppy barking
I smell: my laptop overheating
I crave: for my husband's inihaw na tulingan, and kilawin na yellowfin
I search: for long lost friends (and x-bfs (hehe) in yahoo,, altavista, google, etc. every now and then.
I wonder: if i will ever be a mom...
I regret: losing my patience over trivial things with people that I love
I love: reading and translating.... and you!
I ache: whenever I miss B :)
I am not: taking my health for granted anymore.
I believe: that all things work together for good for those who love …


It seems to me that August 1st came centuries ago and yet here you are still holding on with five more days to go. Not that I wanted you to end because your end will surely find me wanting--wanting in the things that I should have accomplished many weeks ago. As I look over my shoulder at the days that had passed, it seems that all I did was beat deadlines. But August was an interesting month too, no doubt.

The last of my aunts, my best friend in grade school finally got herself a husband and so last weekend we were all fired up preparing for the wedding. The ceremony went well except for the part that my sister and I had to hunt for candles (again...) when we thought all was ready.

It was also a nice time catching up with family especially seeing new additions to the clan... an assortment of baby cousins, nephews and nieces that I don't get to see very often.

You also brought an evening of relaxing dinner with blogger friends Bill and Wil. (Thanks, you two...)

Now, August, you ma…


Thanatos, I learned from my Greek vocabulary last week, means death. You're familiar with Thanatology of course--a term derived from two Greek words 'thanatos' and 'logos', which means the study of death.

I don't know why this week, I have been kind of obsessing with death. I jokingly told my husband that when I die, and he wants to marry again, he cannot and should not marry another Igorota.

In one of my classes, a professor said that everyone she knows whose about to die kind of know that their time is near. I don't know how, but the expert said, intuitively they know. (I don't know if even those who are killed by tragic accidents had some sort of a premonition about their impending death.) Anyway, my recent brush with death has reminded me so strongly of my mortality. It had me thinking and made me write my last will and testament. Well, my will includes the selection of songs to play during my wake, what the living should do (e.g. try to have m…