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ER ... almost

I almost asked my husband to take me to the ER today, (although from past experiences, the ER in the hospitals in this side of the world aren't that encouraging either) after I felt a sudden chest pain, weakness in my limbs, dizziness, and nausea, which are all indicative of a heart attack.  Now, why in the world would I get a heart attack? Well, yes!  I am not the healthiest person, but heart attack?  So I decided to wait it out a little and see how it goes, telling myself to breathe in and out because it came to a point where all my awareness was focused on the crushing pressure on my chest that makes it so difficult to breathe. I voraciously searched the net for any possible diagnosis of the symptoms I was presenting and came across a forum where people with similar symptoms posted what their doctors found out (or mostly what they did not find out) and some remedies they've tried that somehow alleviated the discomfort.  A lot of them said it might be trapped gas that is cau…


From this point on, I will only be blogging about the beauty, goodness, kindness, prejudices, characteristics, experiences, and personality of an Igorota.  That was my first purpose for creating this blog anyway.  In a sense, I'm just going back to my roots.  Let's see what I will be able to come up with.

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