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You were like the sun
Rising from the far horizon
A sure source of light
The picture of perfect delight.

You traversed the cloudless sky
Shiny and perfect in my eye
So why did you become the moonlight
Casting dark shadows in the night.

A thorn in my flesh, a pebble in my shoe
The wrinkle in my brow, an arrow in the bow
Energy-zapper, loneliness-giver
Tear-causer, heartbreaker.

Why do my tears have to run dry?

Why do my days have to be dreary?
Why does my heart needs to bleed out?
Why do I have to be in the outside looking in?
Why do you have to hurt me over and over?
With a treatment that is colder than the worst winter.

I bless the day you became to me like a mother,
I curse the day you became a green-horned-monster.
May I never become like you ever...

 My tears will keep falling, my heart will keep breaking
You have ruined everything that is good in you and me.

Author Unknown

mY Synapses...

my quiet visitor

Last night in the middle of a downpour
A visitor knocked on my backdoor
She was wearing a shroud, tears brimming in her eyes
I was waiting for her the other day
But unexpectedly, she came yesterday

Shrinks say that I should embrace her
Because holding her hand is letting go
That talking about her will heal my soul
Crying because of her is healthy
And ignoring her is folly
But what do I know?

She grips your heart and you cannot breathe
She blinds your eyes with tears and you cannot see
She makes you stare into nothingness and you cannot think
She embraces you and you cannot break free.

Maybe time is indeed the healer
Yet I know from before, Grief leaves you never
She goes, and back she comes like a lover
Yet she offers no solace, not even a pray'r.

So weep, my soul
Tomorrow is another day...


My dad died today. It was so sudden, my mind is still reeling at the suddenness of it. He was ok, one moment, and now he's gone. I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that he's gone!


For a few days, I abstained from logging on to my Facebook account and if I did, it was only to update my status. As a result of my absence, some people wondered. One of the people who kind of got worried was an ex-boyfriend who has become a very good friend and his other ex girlfriend who was also an old friend of mine in High School. So when I finally got back in circulation, I heard that my EX is coming back to the country very soon and that he wants to see me and his other ex and his old friends. I told my old friend (who does not know that I am also an ex of her ex, lol) that I won't be able to make it so she'll have to give Mr. Ex a hug from me. And then she panicked. And I don't know why... :)

I was just thinking, it's funny how life turned out for the three of us. I used to be so jealous of my high school friend (but you see, I was the one who brought them together when I learned that my friend has a crush on the guy. The guy and I used to live in the sam…