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In Mindanao...

I arrived in Zamboanga City at 6:30AM last May 15th. Of course, Bong was there right outside the airport waiting for me, then we took a 6-hour bus ride to his parents' home. I praise and thank God for my safe arrival here in Mindanao. Thank you all for your prayers.

Today, I begged Bong to take me to Pagadian city where I can check and send emails so here I am. It is a choice between Pagadian CT or Zamboanga CT but Pagadian city is nearer.

Anyway, we will be having our Workshop on Monday through Friday. We will be doing Translation principles and Oral Drafting of Jonah with the Southern Subanen prospective translators.

Please pray for wisdom and strength as Bong and I facilitate this workshop.

Thank you all...

Done... At Last

Yesterday, Bob, Judy, Sarah, and I submitted the manuscript of eight Kalanguyaized OT books for typesetting. PTL for his grace and guidance to us for the past one and a half month as we worked on His Word. God enabled us to finish consultant checking the books of Joshua, 1&2 Samuel, Nehemiah, Esther, Daniel, Haggai and Malachi from March 17th - May 3rd. We are now looking forward to seeing it in print and in the hands of the Kalanguya people.

After that mindboggling Scripture checking, NPMTTA has a timely retreat; so today, I'm here in Bagabag having the 'sleep' of my life (hehehe).

I was disturbed (in a positive way) with the learning session we had yesterday taken from Matt. 21:1-11. This is about the fig tree that was cursed by the Lord Jesus for being fruitless. The speaker wanted us to check ourselves to make sure that our lives are bearing good fruits and not just beautiful leaves; to check our hearts because we might be so busy trying to look nice and good on th…