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I just unearthed some pictures of my people back in the early 60s. Yes, we used to look like these... :)

The wooden idol is the Kalanguya god named Kabigat. He is a capricious god who needs to be appeased through pig, chicken and grain offerings.

In case you are wondering, I'm the little girl at the back!!!! hehehe :) Cute siya noh!


As always the case when I stay in Manila a little bit too long, the results are dulled senses and inexplicable laziness.(So TB, you must understand why the mortar was still here even after two weeks in the page.:) After barely a week here, I started counting the days when I can finally go back home to the mountains.Anyhow, three weeks more to beat and I’ll be gone for good. The heavy rains caused the PAGASA to postpone classes even in the postgrad level last Thursday and so the rainy days gave me a lot of free time in my hands that was spent reading One Night With the King (Hadassah)-the fictionalized story of Queen Esther of Susa in Persia less than a hundred years B.C.I saw the movie too but I think the movie did not do half a justice to the book.The script seemed to have failed to include some very essential scenes.I also started reading the latest Harry Potter book.Somewhere along the middle of the book, I got tired and switched to watching Season 1 of the famed tv series Prison B…


I know it is an old bottle but why does it have a hole in its base? Does anybody know if it's worth anything? They said it weighs more than a kilogram but I do not know what it is made of. Somebody dug it up somewhere.