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I was scammed!

One of the things I like about myself is the ability to think the best about people and always giving anyone the benefit of a doubt. But yesterday this has become a curse. I tried to buy a used phone in ebay and it turned out that the supposed seller was a scammer. He took my money (a considerable amount, yes) and never sent the product most likely cuz he doesn't have it in the first place.

At first, I had this nagging doubt, and for three times I blurted out loud, "No Margie, don't bid on it!" But in the end, I did. I did asked the right questions, etc., etc., to try to make sure that the seller is genuine. He even gave me a valid serial number, a valid tracking number after he supposedly sent the product through Air21. He also told me the tracking number won't be valid until after 24 hrs, which is usually right, but after 12 hours, I checked the tracking number in the courier's website and I found out that it was the number for a package …