When your sense of security was threatened and you keep telling yourself, it's fine because nothing really happened but yet your insides shake at the thought of what could have happened, and you give all your might to try to forget it, you sleep to keep the horrifying thoughts at bay, and yet they invade your every waking moment, and you try to close your eyes on it, but your mind keeps playing the horrible scenes that chill you to the bone, and consequently you are kept awake by the what-ifs, and the would-haves, and you try to unload on someone you thought would understand you but instead of getting the empathy you so need at that moment, all you get was a dismissive analysis of what you have gone through, and a judgment on what they must have thought of you, you get more hurt and put down, and now, for the life of you, you could not sleep, your roommate is snoring the night away so loudly, and all you could do is listen to the gallop inside of you which is your heart still so d…


MA NILA - May 6th, Morning.I was standing in line at the baggage check-in counter at the domestic airport wearing a new blouse that my sister chose for me.The lady behind the counter said, “Ma’am,pardon my question, but are you pregnant?”My left eyebrows shot up and then I said, “I wish, but no!”Then she apologized and kept on apologizing until I left.If I knew that they actually serve pregnant women first even before the people in front of the line, I would have said yes, although it did crossed my mind not to wear that blouse again.I’m not sure I’d like to deceive people into thinking that I am at last with child while in fact I am not. PAGADIANCITY - I got down the plane at half past 11AM, at the PagadianAirport.Of all my air travels, that was the worst descent I ever had.I felt as if all the macules and the pustules on my face were going to burst and the pain somewhere inside my head feels like someone is drilling a hole through my ears into my sinuses out to my forehead. Anybody k…


I have written a lot (and complained a lot too) about the "Igorot stereotypes" that other Filipinos have about us Igorots. In my "MY IGOROTNESS" entry which you can read here I have cited personal experiences which happened mostly in Mindanao and one or two instances in Luzon with someone from down south.

Being the argumentative wife that I am, I always manage to bring this matter up with my Zamboangeno husband but he must have gotten exasperated with me and so he told me, "Woman, why don't you think about and write about when you first told your family about me for a change?" I thought about it, and I grudgingly admit that it wasn't actually much different from my experience with his side of the tree.

By the age of 19, I was fairly independent, although I have been independent (in a way) since age 10, and so I did not go through the process of having to introduce suitors to the family and let them have an opinion on who should I choose. No, th…


For most people, the holy week is one of their most awaited holidays (probably second to Christmas) because they get to have their much needed sabbatical. Most went to enjoy the sun and the beach, but for us here in CFM, this past week was the most demanding. We have barely caught our breaths from the busyness of the past translation checking weeks and would have looked forward to a restful holy week, but no! Well, we did look forward to it, but for another reason--a big wedding in our midst.

I'll let the newlyweds tell their story though, so I'll stop here. I'll just talk about myself and what happened at the wedding from the perspective of a 'runner.' Of course I am the runner. What do I mean by a runner? I'll give you an example: When the processional was about to begin, and of course the first to march were the candle sponsors, they found out that there was no candle to light. They ran to me as if I only needed to raise my magic wand and presto, candles woul…

To the Ifugao Summer Sale & Back

I have read here that there was an ongoing summer sale in Lamut, Ifugao. That's just an hour (give or take a few minutes) down the road from where I live so I dragged my sister along and off we went.

I was kind of expecting some elaborate booths, and a houseful of attractive displays but I did find elaborate displays minus the booths. Well, I'll let the pictures describe it all to you.



Who doesn't like banana? I don't know of anybody. When I was a kid, we used to steal bananas from other people's farms. My friends and I would dig a hole on the ground, 2-5 ft in depth and 1.5 -2 ft in diameter (depending on how many bananas we stole) and bury our loot. After a few days, we'd come back and dig up the now bright yellow fruits. We eat some but we usually bring most of it to the farthest (in case somebody comes looking for his/her stolen banana) sari-sari store in the village and sell them, from 10 centavos-25 centavos a piece.

There's not much one can do with bananas: Aside from eating them as is, we also have banana Q, chips, split, boiled (1 or varieties only), bread, as an ingredient to a nilagang baka, ginataan, etc. That's about all the usual way that bananas are done but here's two other ways.

Four months ago or so, we had a young German visitor in the house. One lunch, my husband grilled a whole yellow fin tuna and while we we…


Last Tuesday, I went with others to my sister's graduation at the Ammungan Hall inside the Nueva Vizcaya Capitol Compound. I was the one tasked to hold the camera and shoot as many poses as I can. Before we went there, someone asked me how much time it would take for the ceremony to be over and I gave it two hours, give or take a few minutes. The programme was suppose to start at 2:30PM and probably it did because when we got there at 3pm, the processional was over [and so my sister sat at the back row :(]. It's her fault though! It took her two hours to come out of the salon. (Well, in fairness, it was worth the tardiness. Her make-over came out very well. I specially liked the hair. That elegance deserves a walk in the red carpet.:)

As I do when I attend graduation ceremonies, I look for something to busy myself with, be it my cellphone, my purse or my spectacles (Di ba? graduation ceremony is so boring if you are just an spectator?). This time I chose an idea in my he…