There was a resurrected interest for this song and more than two people were asking for the words so I decided to just try and remember the words and publish it here:

THANKS Penned by Me
Music by:  Norman S. Malcat

Life is not a bore after all
When you came to my life
Everything for me was all 
in a clear perspective

After I've accepted your gift
There's a joy like never before
You've turned my fears into strength
And I found out there is peace in you.


Thank you for giving yourself
Thank you for saving my soul
Thank you for the promise of tomorrow
I never deserved these
But you gave it all to me anyway.

Now that I'm living for You I could not understand some of Your plans But I am assured that whatever happens You'll be with me all throughout the way.

I understood you died for me
You paid my debt in Calvary
I can never repay you
For it's your blood that washed all my sins away. 

Author's Comment:

The story behind this song is that, I broke up with my boyfriend at…

of friendship and lyrics

I usually get weird (emotional, crazy, impulsive, unpredictable and whatnot) after undergoing some sort of a difficulty, be it about work, health, or just plain old life happening. Therefore, I was not surprised to find myself in such a state since yesterday. So here is the craziness resulting to more craziness. Sometimes you just gotta burn through words to keep it together. As it is, I was mentally beat after that intense and mind-numbing job that I did over the past three weeks. And so to unwind, I decided to crash and do nothing that needs too much brain energy, so I thought I'd settle in and bring a semblance of order to my files and email accounts. As I dug through hundreds after hundreds of spam and thousands of social notifications, product promotions and whatnot, I came across this short poetry that someone wrote to me some years ago.  I don't want to be presumptuous and say that it was written about me personally but I was told that I somehow inspired this person …

Of money lenders and being overweight

First, Welcome Back, self! I haven't been here for so long. I haven't been anywhere, if you must know, other than at my Facebook wall. Needless to say, I miss blogging.  I got lazy, to be honest. A laziness that was all encompassing that it became a lifestyle for a whole year or so.

What prompted me to dig up my username and reset my password so that I could log on in here again? Well, a socially-motivated observation.  I was in a micro-lending office this morning where people from all walks of life were trying to get their hands on a few dimes to make ends meet for their families. Okay, probably not from all walks of life, just from my "chosen" kind of life.  I had a little emergency this week so I heeded my little sister's advice and went to a lender.

I could not help but notice the condescension being thrown at people's faces around that table this morning.  The tone of voice, the expression on the faces of the lenders, the upward tilt of their chins, it w…

...crisis of faith...

There was a time in my life when I spouted questions and sentiments that go like this:
Lord, I’m confused I thought that when I choose to believe in You You would part the sea so I could walk on dry land That when I choose to follow you You would neutralize the venom of serpents And let me walk in the wilderness without worrying about beasts of prey I thought that when I choose to put my faith in you You would show me your plans and allow me to be a part of it.
Why then do I now feel that a darkness has begun to engulf me Why do I feel like the path you had me take has reached a dead end I could manage a fork in the road, a crossing, or an uphill climb, but a dead end? Why, when I thought that I have put my 101% faith in you, you would pull the rug from under my feet, causing me to fall down on my knees again Why, when I thought I know what you want me to do, where you’d have me go You would let a fog of confusion come down that I would not be able to see Why, when I thought I have figured out the p…

War & Peace (a la Not Leo Tolstoy)

I have proven in more ways than one that we do reap what we sow. Some people call it karma, some people call it the law of the universe: That whatever you do or did not do, be it good or bad, the consequence, be it a blessing or a curse, will one day find its way back to you.

Believing this does me good. It reminds me to be careful about judging others. Let's face it, all of us are human beings with our own share not only of strengths but also of flaws and shortcomings. It is therefore very easy for us to pass judgment when we thought that people have fallen short of the standard that we set to be the yardstick to measure people with whom we have dealings.  Even those who we thought deserve our respect, our friendship or our love, we subject them to this yardstick. The problem, I noticed in myself, is that we always have a double standard specially when it comes to ourselves. We subject other people to a very rigorous standard but when it comes to a point where we ought to measure…

Where have you been?

If you ask me that question, I’d say I have been hiding in my cave trying to get all the cobwebs off the stalactites and sweep the floor clean to chase away the perpetual sleeplessness which is like some red-eyed bats that hang on their little sharp-tipped wings on the roof of a cave.

After I wrote that I’m-in-a-bad-mood-so-you-better-get-out-of-my-way-rant some weeks ago, I decided to be a good girl (for a change :-) and keep things to myself. At least to keep from ruining someone else’s day if not more so to maintain a semblance of sanity. That would be the dramatic answer I would give you which would no more or less than the truth, depending on what perspective one is looking from.

The honest and stripped-of-drama, straightforward answer is that I have been trying to “live” more. I guessed experiencing death even for a few seconds leaves its mark on a person and it makes one try to be more ‘alive’ than s/he already is. How does one live more? Well, for myself, I’ve been making sure t…


I’m confused.  I have been a mound of angry muscles, veins, and bones and arteries who if not reined in would go about virtually biting people’s heads off. When you died and been brought back to life, I would think you would be gentler. You would look at the world and everything in a whole new light. Well, I don’t.  I am angry at the doctors for making me go through that when they could have prevented it.  I am angry at my body for being such a messed up clump of cells that cannot even function the way it is supposed to. I am angry at my health for being such a pain in the neck. I am angry at the people who bring work to my door when they know that I need to rest. I am angry at friends who just see me walking around and standing on my own two feet and then assume that everything is fine now and they can treat me without the slightest bit of sensitivity and consideration. I am angry at people who think they are encouraging but actually irritating. I am angry at the dishes that don’t w…