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UN-FREAKIN'-BELIEVABLE!!! That's how the fandom of Twilight would say it!

I should have listened to wits and nuts when she advised me to not start reading Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga unless I really have free time in my hands. Well, I was just gonna take a tiny peek on the first chapter but when I started reading, there was just no way I could put it down until after three days later when I read all the books; I mean that's not even surprising, what with the obsessive grip of books on me (yes, blame the books:) but you see, the story was something I would have enjoyed reading in late high school or maybe early college but 'goodness, did I read for days on end, all four books and the first 12 chapters of the fifth book (Midnight Sun) which I accidentally stumbled into while checking out the author's site! And then after I gobbled down all the books, I flipped the pages again and again to read my favorite parts; not yet satisfied, I went online and check…


The shadow was crying in the front yard
Ringing the bell forcing to come forward
Her eyes are trying to look Heavenward
But the lights were put out by the blizzard.

Yet the sun will smile, when he comes tomorrow
Hope, pierce this shadow with your sharpened arrow
Storm, calm down! Or leave and let her be
Be gentle with your chase, or you'll blow her away.

Breathe, Oh day, life into this specter's lungs
Hold out your hand, help this wraith to stand
Stay away, Oh night, do not come with your shroud
Or come with your full moon, keep watch of this phantom.

(Been talking to a friend recently and my mind was stumped and can't come up with any encouraging or profound advice to give to her. After the talk, this is the only thing I could come up with... a prayer. Btw, just in case i am misunderstood, you are not the shadow or the phantom,or the specter. rather, your love is. And you know what I mean. Again, thank you for the inspiration of your life. iloveyousis)


an underlined phrase on a yellowing page of a book
a word scribbled on a dry leaf pressed between the pages of an old journal
a cluster of stars as you look up the midnight sky
a scar on your left elbow, a scene in a movie
a scent worn by a stranger who brushed past you at the mall
the back of someone turning a bend
stories in your heart, memories.

a place that brings back happy times
a picture that fetches lonely tears
a thought that lights up your countenance
a laugh that reminds you of a face
a song that leads you back to the past
a love that has left you, memories.

finished, done, over, ended
no going back, no redemption
dead, wrecked, terminated, through
cannot love, yet cannot unlove
so live, thrive, in my memories