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I was sorry that I wasn't able to go to the Ayangan's Bible Dedication in Ifugao today.  I would have really gone except that I don't want my women's group to think that I stood them up.  So I had fun teaching the Women of Mapayao, Oliweg, Acacia, and Salicpan.  Bong drove me up to Mapayao and came back right down so that he and my sis Daphne could go to the Bible dedication. 

I also did some vision testing today with some of the women.  I think all of them will have to have reading glasses.  This i-see program is really great!  I'm sure when people from other villages hear of it, they'll clamor for the service too.

TY to the As for buying, and bringing the equipment and supplies.  Now, all I need to do is to find someone and train him/her to do it.

Sistemang Bulok

Processes and systems are good but I so hate them when they don't work, and more when they keep changing. I guessed change is inevitable but the change should also undergo the right process, like my pancreas is supposed to produce insulin so the carbs I eat can be used up as energy, and not accumulate in my blood as sugar. But since my pancreas doesn't follow the process, a medical doctor told me what changes I need to do.  It would be stupid of me to listen to a Math teacher who tells me to count from 1-33 every morning to remedy my diabetes.  It is the same with other processes.  It is so not good to change a process that was working so well for everybody, especially that the change is coming from someone who has no authority to implement a change. I sooo hate that!  Why do some people like breaking things just for the fun of having something to fix?

Hayyy, kahirap talagang mamalimos, oo!

:) (Napansin ko lang, puro reklamo ang ginagawa ko sa blogs ko ngayon.  Hmmm, maybe I&#…


I was just watching Sunshine Cleaning like 5 minutes ago and Rose, the character that Amy Adams played, copes with her impossible situations by psyching herself up--telling herself that she can do anything, or something along the lines of being powerful.  I never tried that.  Does it really work getting all psyched up?  If those movies about coaches looking their players in the eye and telling them that they can do it, and the players do end up winning the game, have any resemblance to the truth, then maybe it does work.  But as I've said, I've never tried it, so I don't know anything.

So when I titled this blog entry PSYCHED UP, I was thinking about something else.  Actually, I was thinking about the exact opposite thing. I was thinking about how neurotic can one get before s/he crosses the line into becoming a psychotic. I was thinking about my mental patient back in nursing college who from day 1 called me Geraldine, and he told me that that was the name of her daughter…


I crashed.  No, I don't mean it like the way a computer would crash. If I meant that, then I won't be here writing about it, right?
I went to bed after work last Friday and spent most of the night tiring my eyes out to be able to sleep.  I slept at around five in the morning, and woke up two hours later when the sun came shining through my curtains in full glaring glory, feeling as if I am hang-over.  The new medicine I am on has funny side effects.  You feel like you're having the worst morning sickness of your life, made even much worst by diarrhea and a hairsplitting headache.  But it does keep my blood sugar within normal and at least for the last two days, I have been free from the pain caused by my ovarian cysts.  So I guessed, there is no way to get the best of both worlds. I have to suffer the headache, the nausea, the dizziness, and the diarrhea, so I won't feel the cystic pain or so I won't die due to high blood sugar complications.  Sometimes, I wish I h…


The culture that I have learned from birth frown on repetitiveness.  If you repeat yourself a lot, people say, "Nalopti ka ngo!" That statement that is usually exclaimed with the appropriate irritated tone literally means "How inside-out you are!"  Doesn't make any sense in the literal English.  Usually, there are two interpretations about a person that is 'nalopti' or 'nalotik' in other Kalanguya dialects (but I think that is a loan word from our sister language Ibaloi).

The first interpretation is that the person who keeps repeating himself is deaf, and that is okay. That is not so critical.  But when one keeps asking a questions when the answer was already clearly stated the first time, it means that he does not trust the answer to be right, and so he keeps asking the same question over and over.

I for one don't like too much repetition; you could blame it on my Igorotness (Kalanguyaness in particular), and maybe a little bit of my pers…

Headaches and movies

Watching a movie is supposed to relax you.  So when I got a terrible headache late this afternoon, I stopped working and checked out my movie folders. I saw one actromcom movie but the headache's still there, so I saw another which was a drama, and the headache got worst, so I opted to see a fantasy/adventure which was Narnia-like (well, only cuz it has chronicles in the title) and the grilling in my head did not go away.  I therefore conclude that I must have watched the wrong movies... hahayyy!  I should have tried a horror flick instead.

With all these movie marathon I've been doing, I've also been suffering from the-last-song syndrome for a couple of nights now.  Couldn't stop myself from humming or singing the songs that are played while the credits are rolling.  Like the second movie I saw tonight, one line of it says,  "Funny, ... falling feels like flying........... for a li'l while."  I think the lyricist was so clever, coming up with that.  In an…