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On the acceptability of the word 'Tribu' among ethnic groups in Luzon

In my language group (Kalanguya--Nueva Vizcaya, Benguet, Ifugao, Pangasinan provinces), the early translators opted to borrow 'tribu' from Ilocano to translate the 12 tribes of Israel.  We do have words (poli, bonat) which are roughly synonymous to the Tagalog 'lahi, angkan' but their range of meaning is wider than the 'tribe' term as intended in Hebrew.  "Poli" can  also mean customs, superstitions, traditions, animistic beliefs, while "bonat" usually  mean descendants or relatives. So to limit the meaning of 'poli' to a group of people descended from a common forefather', we use its verb form (inpoli ni hi Jacob), because to only say 'poli ni hi Jacob' would be confusing specially without context. (It could be understood as 'the superstitious beliefs of Jacob).  We say "hawal ni dowan tribun Israel (the 12 tribes of Israel)" and/or "waday hawal ni dowan tribu ni inpoli ni hi Jacob  (there are 12 tribe…