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I was hovering over a library counter yesterday where lots of sci-fi, mystery novels, and thrillers are on display. After a while, the lady at the counter looked up and saw me flipping the pages of some of the books. She said, "Hmm, so you like science fiction. I don't like them!" "I have read some, but they're not my favorites," I answered. She raised her eyebrows because it was obvious by the way I was stacking the books that I have a plan to take them with me.

I've bought some books from the same library before so I know that they will only cost me a negligible amount. I don't know but it seems silly to me to pass up owning good novels when they only cost 5pesos a piece. So I asked the librarian to put the books in a box as I run to my room to get some money.

Now, I just finished marking the books and I looked at the shelves of novels and other books that I have bought the last six months (not to mention those that were given to me by frien…

Christmas Tree and Flowers

Wow, I have neglected this blog for a long time that I don't think anyone comes here anymore until I read a new comment on the previous entry.

Well, my cop out for not writing anything here for months (Is it months?) was because I have been terribly busy as everyone else.

Honestly, after I lost my baby, I associated blogging with heavy emotions. So since I did not want to 'feel' for a time, I stopped writing blogs (although I did write everything from teaching materials, my husband's sermon outlines, to scripts). But boy, did I miss blogging and the interaction with readers that sometimes comes with it when your friends feel oblige to acknowledge that they did read what you wrote (hehe). I decided to write something today not because I have something profound to say, (maybe I do have, we'll see:) but because I just wanted to be here again.

Many things happened since June. Hubby and I went for a 2-week vacation in the beautiful island of Camiguin which was a very r…