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If I am the night
You are a beautiful dream that leaves me wanting for more
If I am the plain old blue sky
You were the orange, cotton soft cirrus of my sunset.
If I was a lyric
You were the music that caresses every line
If I am a face
You are the pretty smile that lights up my countenance.

But I am not the night
Yet you are still that beautiful dream
I am not the sky
Yet I know that you would bring color to my life
I am not a lyric
Yet I can almost hear the music of your laughter
I am not a face
Yet remembering you brings a smile to my lips.

Yet again
You are but only a dream.

Feb 14, 2009

I lost you again, yet I'll keep on dreaming...

www and doctors

I went to a doctor today--kind of forced to it by my worriers (hehe). But all I did was pay a ridiculous professional fee for being told everything that I have already read in the internet about my condition. So now I decided that next time, I'll just go directly to the lab, undergo all the diagnostic procedures that the info from the www says that I'll need and walk into a clinic and have a doctor interpret the results. :) At least then I'll only be paying PF once. But that's just me.

So kids, "don't attempt this at home!" lol

where i've been

Wow, it's exactly two months now since I last wrote an entry here, not counting the previous entry that I just copied and pasted from a forwarded email. And I think people don't come here anymore,:) most probably because of my absence here and in their comment sections as well. ;)

I've been busy and then got lazy and then lazier after that. I woke up one morning feeling lousy.. to make the story short, I found out I'm carrying again but I didn't wanna make a big fuss about it cuz there is a big chance it might turn out to be like the first one so I kept it to myself for about a week before people in my house heard about it. A few days after, I began cramping and bleeding and all those gross things that happen to women. We ran to the doc, and she said I might be miscarrying but that I might try staying in bed, keeping off my feet for days until my body stops leaking. So I did, but if boredom could kill, I'd be dead by now, after three days of bed rest doing n…