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I received raised eyebrows (hehe! No, just curious questions,) as to why this blog is called GandangIgorota and the blogger is called "Ganda." Kaya 'eto, naging dipensib tuloy ang byuti ko... hayyyyy nakkkkkkhhwooo!!!

Here are the reasons, once and for all..

First, I called this blogpage "GandangIgorota" because it was created at the time when my in-laws aren't yet convinced that I am indeed a pure-blood, cuz I don't look like the Igorota that they have in mind. That time, I was in an offended 'so-I'll-show-you-what-an-Igorota-thinks' frame of mind, hence the blog title. And of course it follows that commenters call me by my blog title. Shortened nga lang.

If you must know also, before blogs and internet came into being, a little cousin of mine who is a stutterer cannot say my name so he gave me a nickname. He picked 'Ganda" cuz I always exclaim, "Ayyyy, ang ganda!!!" to whatever it is that I see or hear, be it delightful or …


I was tagged by Jean to do this meme...
1. what do you call that thing where you are to put soil in seedling bags and bury a gmelina seed or two in the middle and they pay you P75 a day? I did that...
2. what do you call that job where you are commanded to clean 3 two-storey houses every waking hours while you're struggling in junior high? and you are also to carry stones as big as four of my head put together to a dirraas (Ilocano yan 'noh!) nearby, I did that too... (I guessed this is not really a job since I was never paid anything but a few pennies to pay the jeep to school.)
3. to check the blood pressure and bandage little wounds of people working in a roof tile factory and to tell the boss as needed that all his men are healthy, that I did too... and I was paid really nicely... :)

that's just about all the jobs I had so far... :)
3. The Prince and Me
4. Sandra Bullock and Julia Rober…

OF HERODS AND GYMNASIUMS (An Intensive 5 Days Part 2)

Some Interesting Historical Background of the Synoptic Gospels that I learned from the NT class:

Hellenization took place when the Greek conquerors enforced the Greek language and culture into the everyday life of the people they conquered. During the Greek domination, they hellenized all their conquests. In fact, Alexander the Great's hellenization was so complete that from 300BC to AD 300, Greek was the lingua franca of the Mediterranean world. Another interesting aspect of the Greek culture is their love for sports, hence the Olympics. Gym - a Greek word meaning 'naked.' Etymologically, the English word "gymnasium" was derived from this root. One result of hellenization was that the Greeks build sports arenas or gymnasiums in the cities that they have conquered. One was built in Jerusalem to the chagrin of the Jews. Culturally, Jews won't have anything to do with nudity. You would be stoned to death if you go out walking with just your undies on. But as we&…


FUN with some Koreans

I just finished an intensive course on New Testament 1: The Synoptic Gospels. It ran for five days and after that five days, I have with me a 3-unit worth of credits to my MDiv in Biblical Studies. I decided I like the 8-5-classes-for-five-days better than the one-hour for six months kind.

One requirement of the course was for us to choose a parable we like and dramatize it for the whole class to see. I've always loved drama. In my younger years, my cousins, friends and I would come up with funny and dramatic presentations to present at talent nights during youth camps. I was always able to derive fun more than challenge from such activities, and so I never thought that the same interest would present me a challenge last week.

There were like more or less 40 people in our NT class and our professor divided us into groups of six. When he called out the names of my group, it went like this: Ki Won Kang, Kim Jeongshu, Kim Jung Sung, Jeong Il Lee, and then t…

BOOKS & eBAY at Sari-sari

I feel guilty to be talking about silly things cuz I just came from ftb and did a serious read on the Jocelyn Dulnuan posts. May her killer be apprehended right away and may her family find comfort in each other in these terrible times.

I have to warn you that this sari-sari has nothing to do with the little stores that you see in your neighborhood (well, not in TB's, Kayni's, or wil's) where you can buy a sachet of shampoo or a spoonful of vinegar and soy sauce in a clear plastic tube tied at both ends and in the middle to separate the two liquids. Di n'yo maimagine anoh?

Sari-sari because it's going to be halo-halo.

I have been going crazy over e-bay this last four days. I suddenly thought of looking for a nice used phone+pda to bid on when I stumbled on the Books pages. Just for fun, I started typing in my dream volumes in the search box and presto, it turned out that there are lots of them in ridiculously low prices. There's this historical fiction serie…


Weew! This feels weird. I don't know what to write after a month of absence in the blogosphere.

A mentor from Australia dropped by my house on his way to Bontoc. Over breakfast, he asked me what have I been doing and I said: "Well, when I got back from Manila at the end of August, we went to a funeral of an uncle, then the next week, we prepared for the wedding of my brother. And then the third week, I was busy making wedding invitations for my cousin and then after that, my great grandfather passed away at 98 and so we attended a series of vigils until he was buried last Thursday, the 4th."

So yes, I realized that I did nothing the whole month of September but prepare for funerals and weddings except for the day when I was in the hospital with my sister. I doubt anyone likes being in a hospital even if just to watch over loved ones. With my past hospital experiences, you would think that I would be used to it at the least; the smell, the sense of illness all around,…