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On matters of culture: to give or not to give

Centuries ago (at least it feels that long), even before there was Facebook, I started this blog to sort of serve as my journal and confidante. I have read blogs where the bloggers say that they blog because they live for comments. Not me. Except when I write about updates where I ask for prayers, I blog because writing whatever comes to mind is therapeutic and having readers is secondary. I do not care if I am read or not because what I really like is to reread whatever I have written in the past and compare what areas in my life have I experienced growth and where I have not, based on the thoughts I have put down and the thoughts that are currently running through my head.  But then real life hit me between the eyes, and I stopped blogging for months. Well, actually, the real reason maybe because Facebook happened. After all, Facebook only needs a short sentence or a quote every now and then to keep the status message fresh and that does it for most everybo…