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The IMask (aka Memask)

I used to love to talk.  I used to love to teach or speak in front of people.  When I was younger, I was active in church, I was a youth leader, I was a teacher to my fellow young people, I talk and most listen even people who are older than I am, which is a bit unusual in our culture.  The Lord has used my life to work out His plan in others’ lives.  I am sure of that and I acknowledge that it was only because the Lord did it, and not I.

But admittedly, there is the ‘Me.’  The Me that mostly got in the way.  The Me that I know now, kept the Lord from using more of me.  There is the Me that felt that there is something I know that people don’t and that I should be the one to tell them.  The Me that loves being visible.  The Me that wasn’t afraid to go out there because she has a nice figure, a nice face, an education, opportunities and experiences that most of her peers only dreamed about.

A few years later, the Me became disfigured (mostly in her mind but also in physica…