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Fact and Fiction

If you will allow me to speak a little bit exaggerated, I would say that there is a coup d' etat brewing around me. I was barely a few hours back and I was bombarded with issues and negativism that threatened to dislodge my footing. People came carrying their own versions of stories and I had no way of knowing what is really going on. I could not help asking why people can't just live and let live.  Why does someone has to be stronger than the other?  Why do you have to be more connected than the next person?  It boggles the mind why people don't just love one another and think the best of their friends, neighbors, co-workers, and fellow human beings.  I had my circle so small hoping to taste a semblance of peace in my little world but no matter how small I make my world, "world peace" is still just a dream.

How do you not believe a family?  How do you not see a friend? (I meant "see" in the Avatar sense of the word.) What do you do when your friends an…

home finally

I arrived home to an empty house at midnight last night.  Poor me! Hehehe

Yesterday, we dressed up (in my thinking anyway) for the agreement signing between our organization and another one in the business district of Makati.  So I went to Makati twice in a row for two days: the first time I went to meet my future boss when I teach a linguistics course next year, and then the second time for the MOA signing. I was nervous the first few minutes to be face to face with BIG people but I told myself, what the heck, I might be the poorest there but pagdating sa langit, parepareho lang kami! Hehe!  Well, one of them has a bullet proof car and a body guard, so you can imagine the environment.  But what's amazing is that those rich people are really nice. :)

After the signing, our group tried to make it to the 3PM bus headed north, but to our dismay, the bus left without us, and my husband who made the ticket reservations was calling me nonstop and sounding irritated too.  LOL... The reas…

...used to...

You read me like a paper
You hear me loud and clear
You hold me so near
You treat me nice and fair
You loved me so dear
At least, you used to, then you disappear.

It used to be that:
In my dismay, you were my encourager
In my weakness, you were my strength-giver
In my darkness, you were a beacon of light
In the storms I've faced, you were a sure anchor
In my life, you were one of my greatest fines.

Why then did you become my Waterloo?
Cuz my heart bleeds every time I remember you
I wish I have never known one such as you
One who has turned my days so bleak and blue.

My heart had loved you with all it has
I have esteemed you so high in my eyes
My lips have prayed, you the Lord would bless
You were a content of my proud stories
So never have I thought we would end up like this.

My mind goes back to the time
When your love and high opinion were mine
Many moons ago my life was on the line
But you were constant, you never left me behind
So I wish the sun would usher in a dawn
When you…

Many days have passed me by
Yet here I am unable to say goodbye
My mind keeps going back to the time
When life was neat and fine
The joy that's used to be mine
Is in that place where it was left behind.

I've always been the strong one
Able to weather most storms,
Never really been blown away
Able to cut down her losses and move on
But now it feels like that might be because
I have never really won.

So I ask my eyes why it cannot behold happiness
I ask my ears why it does not hear laughter
Why my feet never arrive at the place where joy is plenty
And my hands cannot take a hold of love
All I have are days and years that had left me empty.

So please give me this one more chance
Carry me in your arms
Show me a hopeful day
Tell me I have not lost my way
Give me this one more chance
And please hold me by your side
Til I am able to fly again
With You.

(Just an exaggerated ramblings of one homesick soul.)


Lunch today was sooo HOT! Hot in the palatal sense of the word. Yesterday, I had an interesting seaweed-in-my-food experience that caused me multiple trips to the "throne room." But it's all good now! So today, after we got our minds to a point where it was on the verge of unarrangeable (I know that's not a word, hehe) confusion regarding the endless endings of a Greek Verb, I went with colleagues to a nearby cafe inside Payap University, and I ordered what everyone else was having, rice with pork roast and fried basil toppings and an Ice Mocha.

The first taste was sooo good! And the second taste, better,

.... but the third down to the last bite was like kissing or licking the door of hell. Of course I'm not saying, hell has a door. :D But the insides of my mouth started to burn to the point of numbness that I no longer can think. And my friend who's enjoying her plate kept saying, 'Hot ha! But delicious!' and I kept blowing, "Hoooooh!!&…

"it's all greek to me"

Yayy, I barely made it! I barely managed to sign in to this blog because my browser is in Thai script and I can't decipher a thing.

My companions and I arrived in Chiang Mai via Bangkok late in the evening of Saturday. That was just 3 days ago but here I am again, feeling like I've been here too long already. I have eaten Pad Thai for two consecutive lunches, like the addict that I am, but at lunch today, a friend told me to try something else and she ordered three kinds of dishes that were all hot and spicy and 'interesting' that now, I had to make trips to the throne room so frequently. I think this was caused by the dish that has something darkish and kind of fishy (in the literal sense of the word). When I asked what it was, I was told it's a seaweed. Back home, I only eat "ar-arosip" and agar-agar, so maybe it was the weeds unfamiliarity with my stomach that has brought about the churning of my insides.

So I'm here, trying to learn more abou…