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72-hours 'til dawn

My come-and-go memory seemed to have recorded a movie I saw in early High School with the title "83-hours til dawn." I do not remember the story but what's imprinted on my mind was a scene where the protagonist was wading across a pond one very dark night while his enemies were in pursuit of him. Well, that has nothing to do with this blog entry. It's just to give credit to the title that I have borrowed.

Today at the dinner table, we were told by our hosts about a horrible story that happened in this village while we were safe in bed last night, when a man was poisoned to death by his drinking buddy; errr enemy I guessed. The man was forced to drink an acid of some kind and he died after 24 hours of torture where his mouth and all his skin that was touched by the acid was sloughed off and rotted in 24 hours. Inside, the poison must have eaten into his intestines which caused his tummy to bloat into an explosive proportions. After that story was told, our hosts …

may i go home now?

I knew this would happen! It happens every time, that is! But I never get used to it. I'm talking about being unable to sustain the fascination to a new place beyond two days.

So I have been in a paradise-like village surrounded by scenic hills in the distance and I was so thrilled to have been given the opportunity to come for free and everything (not to mention that the food's great too) but after two days, I was getting all kinds of energy-zapping thoughts of home. I'm still here but, 5 days hence, I'll be going home. Here are some pictures of this place.