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Not too many days ago, I started checking out friends' blog pages again after a long reprieve considering how net surfing for me is given more precedence than breakfast. In doing so, it necessitates that I go into my own page beforehand for the obvious reason that all the links are there. Then I noticed how old, bored, and pitiful my last entry was; like a vagabond in someone else's family reunion--so out of place, trying hard, strange and different. I scrolled down and saw that every other title before it were of the same kind: words that were from another person's thoughts, originally typed in by fingers that aren't mine.

For the last two months after my surgery, my life's music has somewhat become a series of discordant melody that no world-class conductor would even attempt to orchestrate into something beautiful. The notes were all garbled up and confused that no Beethoven would try to array them into a playable piece. Yet in spite of the unsymphonic orchestra …