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I woke up this morning with drier eyes unlike yesterday morning when everything I see around the house seemed to drive me to tears: The cushion where I use to seat talking to JJ as he starts growing in my womb, the food and drinks that Bong eats but I kept myself from consuming to make sure no harm however little will come near my baby, the strange smelling vitamins I had to close my eyes to take in, just so that baby will have all the nutrients he needs to develop; even the toilet bowl where I spent a lot of time sitting on, because I had to drink quarts and quarts of water so that baby will have enough water to drink so his lungs, and limbs and digestive system may develop perfectly, the seven pillows in my bed where I use to put my legs up and the veges in my fridge, food that I hate but I eat anyway for JJ -- all of these bring tears to my eyes. But today, my second day home with an empty womb, I felt that I am slowly adjusting to the lost. I only teared once today, compared t…