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There was a resurrected interest for this song and more than two people were asking for the words so I decided to just try and remember the words and publish it here:

THANKS Penned by Me
Music by:  Norman S. Malcat

Life is not a bore after all
When you came to my life
Everything for me was all 
in a clear perspective

After I've accepted your gift
There's a joy like never before
You've turned my fears into strength
And I found out there is peace in you.


Thank you for giving yourself
Thank you for saving my soul
Thank you for the promise of tomorrow
I never deserved these
But you gave it all to me anyway.

Now that I'm living for You I could not understand some of Your plans But I am assured that whatever happens You'll be with me all throughout the way.

I understood you died for me
You paid my debt in Calvary
I can never repay you
For it's your blood that washed all my sins away. 

Author's Comment:

The story behind this song is that, I broke up with my boyfriend at…