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my name is Liv M. Ealone

Well, of course that is actually "LEAVE ME ALONE!"

WARNING: Read at your own risk!

So I was having a peaceful time reinstalling Translators Workplace and repairing some of the installations on my computer so I can go ahead and finish up the back log of the last few days' assignments when I received a text message. (I was also doing laundry in between.) The message was the usual how-are-you-I-hope-you-are-well kind and so I replied with the equally usual I'm-great-I-just-had-a-tooth-pulled kind of response. Then another reply came telling me that it would be good if I start doing this and that, and that did it for me! For goodness sakes!!! It's Saturday! Give me a break! All I want to do is close my eyes and do no-brainy things like laundry and all that! (Oh, I would have to have my eyes open for that, I guess!) But you get my meaning!

So anyway, I replied that I can't start doing what they're asking me to do until the workshop I have been participating…