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TIME KILLS ALL ... it seems

Last week, my hubby borrowed a car from a very generous ninang so that we can go around town collecting boxes for hundreds of library books that we were hauling into our Center.  Since B was unfamiliar with the car, the car went dead on him three times while we were in the middle of the road when he tried to shift gears.

The last three months has been unbelievable and I was left catching my breath even at this time into the fourth month. I wanted to go to neutral but it seems that if I shift gears, my motor will stop running. So here I am chasing time but I feel like I'm running without ever getting to the finish line, wondering if there is even a finish line.

There is just no time to kill, and so time is killing me.. and now I'm wondering how I got here.

Procrastination, one of my most dominant character has gotten me in trouble yet again.  With the risk of sounding defensive (none of your business since this is me  ranting in my blog, hehe), the procrastination has a valid…

Mother's Day mis-Thoughts

I was surfing the net one time when I came across a page that was all about the British princes. In an interview, Prince Harry was asked about how he is doing without his mom Princes Di. One of the things he said was that it is strange and sad and one of the reasons he said it's strange is because Mother's Day is no longer meaningful to him.

I still have a mother, thank God, but if I am honest, I would admit that mother's day lost half of its meaning for me. For me, it is a sad reminder of what could have been. A time that forces me to feel the pain of non-motherhood... a heartbreaking nostalgia reminiscent of the heartache caused by the loss of a chance, a hope, a love, and a whole different life.. all of which went out the window when I loss him who could have been the reason for me to be smiling now when I hear or read the greetings 'Happy Mother's Day.'

However, the past is gone but the future is yet to unfold... so I guess the best thing to say right now…