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OF FISHES & CRABS (Political Aftershocks)

The past election left on its wake a bunch of clan conflicts and hurt feelings, at least in my town, Kayapa.

First, we're glad that the party endorsed by most of Novo Vizcayanos (don't take this as fact, by saying most Novo Vizcayanos, I meant me and my friends:) have the highest percentage of victory.

Congressman: Carlos M. Padilla (although I wish he landed a senate seat in 2004, he deserves it sana)
Governor: Luisa Lloren Cauresma "Atta Girl"
Vice Governor: Atty. Jose 'Jing' Gambito
South District Board Members: 1. Atty. Edu Balgos, 2. __________ 3. Efren Quiben, 4. Merly Talingdan, and Kayapa's very own, the former mayor 5. Tony Abella Dupiano. Thank you Vizcayanos for voting for him and the rest of his partymates.

The winners have been declared and all yet I and the other members of my clan still do not see eye to eye with the other members of the other clan who have betrayed us. At least, that's how we see it and feel about it. Loyalty and faithfulnes…


When I first saw Taal Volcano and the Lakeview from Tagaytay City, I cried. When I went back for a visit 19 years later, I cried.
When I first saw Lakewood, I cried.
When I first saw my newborn nephew, I cried.
When I first got a pencil sketch of a rose from my bf, I cried.
When I read a nice story, I cry.
When I get reconciled with an estranged friend, I cry.
When a protagonist cries in the movies, I usually cry too.
When I see people making peace, I cry.
Am I crazy? No, I am a woman.

OK, I did not cry when I first saw Banaue Rice Terraces. It is not because it is not beautiful enough but it's probably because I grew up running across rice paddies and so I wasn't overwhelmed by the grandeur of it, but I got sentimental nonetheless when memories of that childhood washed over me.

I'd kill my husband (or anybody close to me) if he seriously thinks that I am crazy if a nice painting or a beautiful lake view moves me to tears. Well, okay, I'm just being hyperbolic but you know w…


I am back in Luzon. (In Mindanao, they don't refer to me as "TAGA-NUEVA VIZCAYA" instead they say, TAGA-LUZON. The first few times that I heard it, it doesn't sound like they are talking about me. It sounds strange, then I got used to it:) [If you know what I mean.]

May 10th Wedding Day: Many people came to the house and the wedding feast started. Walang katinigilang supply ng lechon at kung anu-anong pagkain. There were so much food that I lost my appetite so I did not eat at breakfast and lunch. The wedding of my sister in law was scheduled at 4PM at a resort nearby. Although the colors were too bright for my taste, they were cute: Fuschia for the the maids and the table and chair clothes accented with a sayote green banners.

The Bride, her two sisters, and friends.

May 12th, Saturday The whole family packed a few things to go some place called Lakewood in Zamboanga del Sur. By that day, I am pretty bored because I spent the whole day of May 11th in bed watching…


MA NILA - May 6th, Morning.I was standing in line at the baggage check-in counter at the domestic airport wearing a new blouse that my sister chose for me.The lady behind the counter said, “Ma’am,pardon my question, but are you pregnant?”My left eyebrows shot up and then I said, “I wish, but no!”Then she apologized and kept on apologizing until I left.If I knew that they actually serve pregnant women first even before the people in front of the line, I would have said yes, although it did crossed my mind not to wear that blouse again.I’m not sure I’d like to deceive people into thinking that I am at last with child while in fact I am not. PAGADIANCITY - I got down the plane at half past 11AM, at the PagadianAirport.Of all my air travels, that was the worst descent I ever had.I felt as if all the macules and the pustules on my face were going to burst and the pain somewhere inside my head feels like someone is drilling a hole through my ears into my sinuses out to my forehead. Anybody k…