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A month ago, I saw a replay of an episode of OPRAH.Among Oprah's guests were the cast of the award-winning movie CRASH.They were talking about the word ‘nigger’ and the hostess wanted her black guests to share their views as to the use of ‘nigger’ in modern America.One of them said that he and his friends call each other that when they are in a bantering mood and he further suggested that it would be nice if that n-word would be redeemed and associate with it some positive meanings.However, Oprah and two others were strongly opposed to that.They said that the word has too much of negative connotation and brings back a lot of bad memories, that using it now to identify themselves is like agreeing to all the crimes, and evil that was committed against their race just because of their skin color.

Here in the PI, there is an expletive that is commonly heard among women and gays; the word ‘BRUHA.’From my younger years until lately, the picture that comes to mind when I hear this word i…


Following are events that made my first week in Manila remarkable (i.e. funny & unhumdrum).I’m not sure if you can affix un- before ‘humdrum’ but when you are in the field of linguistics, you have the right to make up words.Right???
Early one evening, we received a shocking news from down south that brought my husband to a state of catatonia, at least for an hour or so.He won’t eat nor talk so I changed my clothes in haste (without turning on the lights) and dragged him to the nearest theater to see a movie and try to get his mind off the bad news.Along the way, I saw a man looking at me weird—like up and down, side to side, and even kept looking back at me when we already passed each other.I looked at myself and to my horror, saw that my pretty blouse is inside out with all the threads and edges of the clothe hanging down.I told B and he looked at me and said, “Go to the nearest CR and do something about it!”He was laughing then!I wasn’t keen on being laughed at in a situation lik…

Norman Malcat: A Local Kalanguya Talent

TO ALL KALANGUYAS and other people out there who like listening to local music, check this out!


What would you do if, say, you were about to enter a public place (e.g. a mall) and you realized that you're wearing your top inside out?

ATTENTION: DepEd Nueva Vizcaya

This one, you're not going to believe!

I went home to my village in the highlands two days ago to attend a wedding of a cousin and I had a chance to talk to a former teacher of mine back in my elementary days. She is not really the talking personality so I was surprised that she volunteered so many information that night. Let's call her Teacher A.

She has been in the profession since I was three. That's two decades and 7 years ago. But never in her teaching years have I ever seen her so distraught and frustrated about her work or a co-teacher. It's not that they can't get along. It's that this other teacher (let's call her Teacher B) is so incredibly 'strange' that my teacher thinks she doesn't belong in a classroom and these, among others are her reasons:

1. Teacher B seldom teaches her classes.
2. She came with a baby grandchild that she babysits in her classroom and so her classroom looks like your typical laundry room with…