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Five years ago, the Kalanguya Bible Translation Team was a one-man (I mean woman) team. I was the only one who was 'misguided' :) enough to commit my life to Bible translation. Now after five years, we are now five (actually 5 and a half) in the team.

I praise God for my uncle Bagly Arsenio who committed his life to help the Kalanguya churches grow spiritually and be an active member in equipping and sending ambassadors to fulfill the Great Commission. He is now on a study leave taking up a master's degree in Community Development at Alliance Graduate School (AGS), Quezon City Manila. He joined the team in April 2003.

I praise God for my sister Sarah (who finally came home to Bible Translation after six years of wandering in college (4 courses in six years) :). She joined the team in June 2003 and went straight to AGS to take the Diploma in Bible Translation. She is now the major drafter in our team. Pray for her as she grapples with the book of Jeremiah this year. …


Praise God for leading 42 students into the heart of CFM this semester and giving us (The Kalanguya Translation Team) an opportunity to share our faith in Jesus with them. Last Tuesday, I met with eight girls for our weekly Bible Study. Here in the Kalanguya Center where the Kalanguya OT translation project is also being done, there are 42 college students, 16 men and 26 women. These 26 ladies were grouped into three and I am handling the 9 girls who have committed their lives to Christ and we are grooming them to be leaders of the Kalanguya singles in the near future. They are taking up different BA and BS courses in either of the two colleges here in Bambang town.

My girls are Kassie Mariano, Lydia Dinggas, Marites Tamtaman, Marites Arsenio, Josephine Calpasi, Arlene Hilario, Marvy Puclalay, Fe Galwan, and Marilou Kindot.

Pray for wisdom and open hearts as we study the Word together every Tuesday for the next six months. Pray also for the other two groups which are being lead by Sarah…

New Pictures

Check out my pictures during a one day r&r in baguio city with Bong, and Mae2 (my sis in law). Under LINKS (upper right), click "mae2 in baguio ct."