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of loaves of bread and fishes

Since my dad died in June, I inherited from him a group of women that he used to teach every month.  I promised my dad that I will be faithful in teaching them just as he was. But last month, my health situation has kept me from going up the mountains and keeping that promise and so I asked my brother to step in for me, and he did, just like all the times in the past when I asked him to do something for me.  Thank God for Big Brothers.These groups of women from six different villages learned that the reason why I could not go up the village to teach them was because I am preggers, so they decided that for this month, they'll come down to where I'm at and hold the meeting there.  I received a message from my sister telling me that a maximum of 20 women will be coming and that I should prepare lunch for all of them.  So I did.  Well, not me, as I can't stand the smell of anything that's coming from the stove even a pot of rice that is boiling.  I asked a cousin of mine (…

having the ms bad

I am having the morning sickness bad but I can have it all bad as long as I'll be granted an uneventful pregnancy and a full-term normal baby.  The whole day sickness is wreaking havoc on my concentration and ability to think.  But I am meaning to finish two books before Christmas, so we'll see.The insulin injections are doing their tricks.  My highest blood sugar measurement so far was 104mg/dl compared to the 200++ that I used to get while on the other medication. So it seems like I went all the way to nursing college and learn how to inject 'painlessly' so that in the future, I could stick needles into my own body three times a day. :-)