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I’ve read one time that true writers can write even without the so called inspiration, be it happy or sad, good or bad.  I can’t… and I guessed that makes me an untrue writer although I do love writing and writings.  Now is one of those times that there is just nothing that inspires me to write so as you have probably noticed, I am just rambling on and I have to warn you that I will go on dadadadahing until you get so irritated you’ll click this window off.In my computer is a folder full of ebooks and movies and to my left where I am sitting right now are loads of books of all kinds:  novels, technical books in linguistics and other topics, as well as biblical and other spiritual books.  But for the life of me I haven’t lifted any of these books off the shelves in months nor have I opened any of the ebooks in my computer to read them.  What I usually do after work is feel tired and hungry, and sleepy, and then tired and then still tired.   I also played scrabble with a ninong one time…