There was a resurrected interest for this song and more than two people were asking for the words so I decided to just try and remember the words and publish it here:


Penned by Me
Music by:  Norman S. Malcat

Life is not a bore after all
When you came to my life
Everything for me was all 
in a clear perspective

After I've accepted your gift
There's a joy like never before
You've turned my fears into strength
And I found out there is peace in you.


Thank you for giving yourself
Thank you for saving my soul
Thank you for the promise of tomorrow
I never deserved these
But you gave it all to me anyway.

Now that I'm living for You
I could not understand some of Your plans
But I am assured that whatever happens
You'll be with me all throughout the way.


I understood you died for me
You paid my debt in Calvary
I can never repay you
For it's your blood that washed all my sins away. 

Author's Comment:

The story behind this song is that, I broke up with my boyfriend at the time and one of my therapies was to pen whatever comes to my mind. Here were the original words to the song, but after Norman composed the music, it seems a waste if we cannot sing it in church so I revised the words.  But here is the original:

Life is not so unkind after all
When you've gone away
Everything for me 
was just a blurry perspective.

After ours have fallen apart
There was no getting over you
You've torn my heart into shreds
'Til I found out there is life after you.

Thanks for breaking my heart
Thanks for betraying my trust
Thanks for pushing me out of your way
I would never have found him
If not for all that you did to me.

Now that I'm up and about
Here's a love worth living for
You may not believe this 
But I love him more that I've ever loved you before. 

Hahahahah!!!! Kokornihang walang pangalawa!

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