You thought your life is a wilderness
But in your heart, I found an oasis
And our love has grown and thrived
When you welcomed me inside.

I dreamt of sharing your awesome desert
To keep its rugged beauty in my heart
To be blinded by its raging sandstorms
And to leave my footprints in its sand dunes.

A north wind will blow and even out my prints
But before that, may you come back to reminisce
And see the two of us frolicking in the sand
As we wish to ride the sunset hand in hand.

But here we are, the sun has risen in fury
Will you let it burn us in such a hurry?
Why not build a shelter that would shade our hearts
So that even in the desert, we could make it last.

these lines were written after a big fight that resulted to a cooling-off, that resulted to a break-up... with whom? i don't seem to remember... ;-)


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