Still for R

Heavens eyes has bestowed a smile upon us
More so that He took your hand to reach me out
Alas, miles and oceans come between us, but LOVE
As strong as the waves permeates our hearts
Love conquers all, once again… proven without a doubt.

Romance, haven’t I turned my back on you? Haven’t I…
Locked my heart away, never to let anyone break in? But now,
Granted, I have fallen hopelessly for him.
Gone with the wind, as Scarlet said, were my heartaches and fears
Interlude of joy, intense longing, my heart cries out to be with him.

Each day is a gift, a promise to keep
Everlasting love, memories to cherish
I pledge to you, I will be true, I will stay
Pure, until the day, you
Reach my hand and vow to love and keep me…


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