LIFE in Purple

Life's been lazy and depressing this last few days.  I worked from my bed and got up only for physio-biological needs. But today, I decided to make the effort to be happy and productive with the participation of my feet and my hands, and not only my fingers and my brain like I did last week. 

I don't know what happened.  For some reason, I was too unhappy to get up.  Some neighbors came to talk to me one evening, but I pretended to be asleep. (Yikes, that's sick, I know! :-)

Today the Lord encouraged me with the devotional passage that I read this morning that says:

"God knows how hard you've tried
How tired you get,
How empty your soul can feel,
...even when your days and nights are crowded with all you do in the name of the Lord.
God knows the longings of your spirit, the unfulfilled places of your heart."

Thank you, my Lord Jesus, for knowing me more than I know myself.


bob arsenio said…
haballi ngo ay amtan Apo Diyoh ni nayon nem pigan i panapolan tayon encouragment. the quotation is indeed uplifting.
Margie Lumawan said…
Kay on toto-wa! Kelay iman ni amon basta nalangboh i pigsan nemnem ko. Koy pehed i leknan angel men namahig ni andi ganganaygay ko nakol ni amon andi met laeng i hilbi nonta inoblak tep andi to kaidawat ni gaya... kay kaidin ali ngoy yan lekna. Kamaima-may karruban bakal ton nayon, ida kamanhintatkok tan ooni ay impaibaw day onga da. Kapahigan peteg ni dengdengelen na nagmumurahan silang mag-asawa. Koy ada ngo karrubad nabah-il ni alad. Ampet ninemnem ko ay ka-kaasidan ag da amtay hemek Apo Diyoh et han ma-kal i angat ko. .
bob arsenio said…
on toto-wa...kamaomah i angat nem nemnemen ay ag da pay amtay hemek Apo Diyoh. tem anggan dadango nontan men ida kamambakal....hablli nem amtaan da ngoy kaahin Apo Diyoh.

kaondateng na-mo ngon gandet hota timpon amon andi gaya ni amon ag amta nem kelay. owayto ew hi Apo Diyoh ni mangawat...igya nitin ag awattan ni hina-dom i mismon angel ni ingeh toy inhel ni quotation. haballi ngo ey wadah Apo Diyoh ni ag mankolang ni nayon.

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