My Son

Weew, I haven't been here for weeks and weeks!  It's a good thing Blogger doesn't kick out subscribers that go awol. :)

Well, I have been really busy healing up and taking care of my dearest cutie boy. I'm thankful that yesterday, I was able to use the shower like a normal person again, after three months of waiting for my surgical wound to dry up.  Now I am all healed and almost back to normal but whoaa, my boy is growing too fast and too soon he is so heavy, my arms are always giving me problems... or maybe I'm getting old.

Now, isn't he adorable?  Hehe!

mY Synapses...


kayni said…
He is ADORABLE! I'm so happy to meet your cute boy :)
Anonymous said…

It has been quite a long time since I read your blog. But I went back to read it today and lo and behold! What a wonderful, wonderful surprise!!!!! Blessings blessings upon you. He is such a healthy baby. it's so good to hear that you have healed. More pics, ok?

Karen (CanIL)

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