The other day, I finally went to a health club to get some help regarding my need to get a grip regarding my health issues.  In short, I went to get help about the most doable way for me to lose my unhealthy extra pounds. I listened to the evaluation, I was weighed, I was preached to, ..not really, it was participatory all the way, :-)  and then I bought my products. Yes, I decided to give Herbalife another go.

Today, I read some scary testimonials about the products but I'll wait and see how it's gonna work in my case.  I did the Leslie Sansone 2-Mile Walk and then went out to teach a group of women at a seminar. I could not get my BP to come down afterwards and until now, I can feel the blood pumping through the veins in my skull.  It's causing me headache too, and while I was talking moments ago at the seminar, the muscles in my mouth begun trembling so I chose to stop then.  Good thing, I was already in my last slide.

BP=136/102 mmHg
Sugar: 5.5mm/mol

mY Synapses...


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