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My Son

Weew, I haven't been here for weeks and weeks!  It's a good thing Blogger doesn't kick out subscribers that go awol. :)

Well, I have been really busy healing up and taking care of my dearest cutie boy. I'm thankful that yesterday, I was able to use the shower like a normal person again, after three months of waiting for my surgical wound to dry up.  Now I am all healed and almost back to normal but whoaa, my boy is growing too fast and too soon he is so heavy, my arms are always giving me problems... or maybe I'm getting old.

Now, isn't he adorable?  Hehe!

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Excited to Welcome Xami

I just saw my Obstetrician today and after poking around she said we'll probably meet our dear Xami in 11 days time.  It would be sooner if she has her way of putting me under the knife but I won't have it until it is the only choice left.  So this waiting game is really boring me to insanity since I have been on bed rest for the last eight months but I guessed I can manage 11 days more of waiting.  Please keep your fingers crossed for me that I will be able to deliver a healthy baby in a normal way.

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I’ve read one time that true writers can write even without the so called inspiration, be it happy or sad, good or bad.  I can’t… and I guessed that makes me an untrue writer although I do love writing and writings.  Now is one of those times that there is just nothing that inspires me to write so as you have probably noticed, I am just rambling on and I have to warn you that I will go on dadadadahing until you get so irritated you’ll click this window off.In my computer is a folder full of ebooks and movies and to my left where I am sitting right now are loads of books of all kinds:  novels, technical books in linguistics and other topics, as well as biblical and other spiritual books.  But for the life of me I haven’t lifted any of these books off the shelves in months nor have I opened any of the ebooks in my computer to read them.  What I usually do after work is feel tired and hungry, and sleepy, and then tired and then still tired.   I also played scrabble with a ninong one time…